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Old Clan Called {K03R} ?

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Old Clan Called {K03R} ?

Postby <T|F|B>The Shadow » 22 Sep 2015, 22:16

Just a general question out to anyone who would know anything about an old clan that went by the name of {k03r} or {K03R}. I have seen the tag on some players names before and was wondering if anyone knew more about this old clan. It seems that any trace of it is gone other than a map I found from ICCC called Destroyed Village Revisited by someone from k03r (which I uploaded to and a skin pack from their clan which I found alongside skins from The Dogg Pound server I had gotten. Does anyone know what k03r stood for, or what happened to the clan? Just curious 8-)

- <T|F|B>The Shadow
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