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map downloader

Postby coco13fr » 13 Feb 2016, 21:28

the map downloader constantly has error to download maps. Have no clue why.
Also, it trys to download maps, when it is stock map. No need to download, because it is there.
Also the map folder is not correct, it trys to download the map to main, but all maps are in mainta.
How can i correct the path?
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Re: map downloader

Postby modder » 14 Feb 2016, 15:46

1) main is the correct path! All maps in main also get loaded in Spearhead,
most people do not know/understand that. If maps are in main, they don't
need to be in mainta or maintt.

2) The map downloader fails if you don't give him access to the game folder.
You either have to change the MoHAA folder, run the tool as administrator
or wait for the update where I fixed this issue (coming soon).

3) The tool doesn't download stock maps, but Breakthrough maps and custom
maps. Or it downloads maps that have been edited or are missing for some
players in future (we will add Stalingrad).
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