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3rd Mod Need Help change .dll file

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3rd Mod Need Help change .dll file

Postby Scorpia.sLz » 15 Jan 2017, 16:20

Hi All,

I am running a 3rd Mini Adventure Ro mod.

Now I made it all clear like you cant use normal noclip. or dog or what ever.
But they can still use cmd dog and that kind of stuff.
I realy dont know how to fix it (Yea i know how but I cant do it myself).
I hope some one can help me to change the Dgamex86.dll file so they cant use those cheats any more.

Any can help would be Great!

Server Ip:
I also try to add this to the server list!
But i tryed to sent mail to but my e-mails got bounced from the host ( how do I can add it to the server list ?

Greets Wesley a.k.a Scorpia.sLz (From Amsterdam]
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Re: 3rd Mod Need Help change .dll file

Postby Appelpitje » 12 May 2017, 15:02

You can use Davens fixes to fix it that all other cheats dont work.
See SH_Server_Fixes(REPACK) in attachments.
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